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Short plot summary

Boy meets girl. Boy falls out with girl. Girl builds boys' twister data analysis contraption. Boy comes back with new girl to get divorce papers signed. Girl shows boy twister data analysis contraption she has built from his design. Boy realizes he cannot live without girl after getting the contraption (a garbage can on wheels) to work successfully.

What our panel of critics thought

"All of the fun of the fair with Dorothy pinged into space - this time to deliver hundreds of micro sensors and not a single sugary song in sight. A triumph of popcorn reality-entertainment."

"The next time the wind gets up, remind me to strap myself down so that I do not get pinged into space by those naughty twisters... I have never been much of a fan of bondage but, you know, they may have a point after all.. Just in case, take me to World of leather at once!"

"A triumph of honest to goodness go getters against corporate financed scientists. The little guy wins in the end, what more could you hope for?"

"Is that Doctor Ruth's daughter in this movie? A triumph of sex counseling in bad weather conditions."

"I am so glad that nice aunt was not pinged into that tornado. How unlucky to introduce her into the story and within just thirty minutes her house has been destroyed? How likely is that?"

"A veritable cornucopia of naughty weather. The tornado representing the metaphor of life, with which we are forced to wrestle, lest our dreams are thrown all over the place by that bitch of fate! A triumph, then, that our heroes manage to complete their tasks in spite of, and also, because of, the tornado... Wunderbarr, and the flying cow isn't bad either."

"So, what is exactly wrong with corporate sponsored scientists? If they get a nice living out of duping stupid, wealthy, shareholders, who's the loser here?"

Please tell me the ending or whole plot if necessary

A love story with Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton playing two scientists in love, but who battle with each other...

They aim to make the world a safer place by unlocking the secrets of tornadoes by releasing hundreds of sensors into one and then processing the data. To do this they have to get close enough to put the sensors in... Their contraption is called Dorothy.

This is dangerous stuff and they have a few scrapes, including one in which they watch a cow being lifted in the air.

In spite of competition from a scientist with the same design for Dorothy, but with corporate sponsorship, our heroes basic grasp of their subject enables them to dodge the tornadoes better and manage to release Dorothy's sensors and then evade the ensuing damage.

This they do and apparently, after a dodgy moment or two, look set to live happily together ever after.

Quotable quotes (real)

"When you said you chased tornadoes I always thought that was a metaphor."

Other comments

A very entertaining movie which offers little more than an exciting ride as our heroes chase Twisters across the countryside.

A viewing of this at a drive-in when the weather conditions are deteriorating might be interesting.

A very interesting concept and the movie is fine as a mindless piece of popcorn. Enjoy.

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