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Short plot summary

Working class boy (Jack - Leonardo DiCaprio) (who improbably wins his ticket five minutes before Titanic sails) meets rich girl (Rose - Kate Winslet) contemplating suicide on Titanic. They fall in love.

Late teens: Some swearing, some drowning, some lifeboat humor which some viewers might find offensive. Gushing water alert.
What our panel of critics thought

"DiCaprio, oh what a horribly blue, frozen ending. My, how quickly you sink at the end. I want my money back."

"Five minutes until it sails and he gets on? A triumph of unlikely likeliness."

"My mother was a screamer - she was saved on one of the Titanic's lifeboats (although they sued her ass for losing their hearing in the life boat afterwards)."

"A CGI cornucopia of special effects, the likes we had never seen at the time before. More pixels than we knew what to do with at the time, but nothing to really upset the overly prudish."

"One of the first movies in which CGI came into my consciousness. The shots are impossible in real life. The financing unthinkable. This movie is a triumph of multi-million dollar accountancy. The special effects are not bad either." Accountancy Age.

"Were the guys investigating the rediscovered modern day Titanic the same guys chasing hurricanes in Twister? How talented these boys are! Well done for a successful career change in mid-life."

Please tell me the ending or whole plot if necessary
It sinks. He dies. She gets rescued. Movie told as a remembrance by the girl (now 84 years later) of times passed following Titanic's rediscovery by a modern day crew.
Quotable quotes (real)

"It is unsinkable. God himself could not sink this ship."

"I'm the King of the world. OOOOOOOOoooooeeeeeee ooooeeeeeeiiiooooeee whooooo hoo whooooee eeeio"

"Music to drown by - Now I know I'm in first class."

Other comments

Not a brilliant movie, but the drama which leads up to the actual sinking is acceptable. You may never forget the scene with the ship broken in two and people jumping off the sides. This was presumably the real reason for the movie - the special effects which were stunning - although, perhaps, a bit boxey if seen today (watch the scene where Winslet and DiCaprio stand at the helm in each others arms, behind them looks slightly cartoon-like).

Date reviewed

March 25, 2002

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