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The Simpsons Movie
Short plot summary

Springfield needs'a'savin' after Spiderpig (and Homer's) doings pollute a lake. The Environment Agency comes to the 'rescue'.

What our panel of critics thought

"This movie is an absolute disgrace! A ten year old boy skateboarding naked in public? Damn you man this is America, not Europe."

"Not enough donuts."

"When they say this is a big screen version of the television show I find it difficult to get the scale of the bigness clear in my mind. Now, I have a 42 inch windscreen television, which when compared to a big cinema screen of, say, 70 foot by 30 foot, the word big screen suddenly seems inadequate. Gigantic screen, maybe."

"I do hope this movie made some money for those hard up guys at FOX."

"Too many donuts."

"British newspaper 'The News of the World' said that this movie is "The best comedy this century". The News Of The World is owned by News Corporation, owners of the very same Twentieth Century Fox that made this movie... In view of this you might not be surprised to discover that this movie is not the best comedy this century at all."

"I really missed the commercial breaks in this movie. 83 minutes of The Simpsons and no pee break?"

"Just about the right number of donuts."

"At last a decent role for Maggie who shows us her street fighting smarts. A triumph of baby fighting skills. A tttst ttsstt triumph!"

"Bart bonds with Flanders in this small big screen epic. A triumph of religiosity over skateboards."

Please tell me the ending - SPOILER!

Bart and Homer finally bond and save Springfield in a moment of death defying circle of death bravery-madness on the big screen. The climax includes nods to Fox television's own (excellent) 24 blinking the seconds down to a final saving of Springfield.

Other comments

Just about good enough, but not a jot more. One for fans and anyone dragged along for a night out at the cinema.

This movie is nowhere near as good as the South Park movieisation which is one of the best tv to movie adaptations in movie history. [South Park movie review]

Date of review

May 2, 2008

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