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The Mummy (1999)
Short plot summary

Race to find tomb of dead guy not much pleased to see them.

What our panel of critics thought

"A veritable cornucopia of 'you must not read from the book ness'. Oh for that time in ones prepubescent life when pesky spirits could be called upon to scare the willies out of oneself and all those within earshot 'round the old camp fire. But when a wizened cynic, such as meself, watches this movie, all one hears are the cash machines a'ringin, and the bottom draw pinging out into the collective cultural mush, causing considerable brain-pain."

"In the first scene, which is a montage of live action and animation: I could see the join. Can I have my money back please, I think the movie is broken."

"Well done Brendan Fraiser for knocking yourself out in the hanging scene. It's nice to know that big Hollywood stars are not afraid to be hanged by their neck like that in a motion picture."

"I originally thought that the bit where Brendan Fraser has a sword fight with about 20 Mummies towards the end was a triumph of Mummy mayhem. Then I saw how they did it on the collectors edition DVD. Mr Fraser, how can you live with yourself making those poorly paid special effects people put in the Mummies afterwards? I suppose the lion wrestling bit in George of the Jungle was faked too? Just in case: please cancel my subscription to your fan club at once!"

"Rachel Weisz - how unlucky to topple those bookcases like that, it must have cost a fortune, I hope they didn't take the money out of your pay for this movie!"

"I dozed off after the bit when they boarded the boat and the next thing I noticed they were in the tomb. Did I miss anything?"

"All the action of George of the Jungle but none of the lion wrestling."

"A sort of remake of the 1932 film but with a budget of $80million and in color."

"You can see where they spent the budget on special effects. The bug which comes out of his neck and into the hole in the side of his face before he chews it was one of my favorites. A triumph."

"If this movie is like Scooby Doo, which character is Brendan Fraser? Shaggy or Scooby himself? Hmmm, nobody tells me nothin."

Please tell me the ending or whole plot if necessary

Empress is unfaithful to Emperor. Lover arrested and entombed and cursed as painfully as possible in punishment - The Mummy.

3000 years later his tomb is discovered. Two adventurers lead parties to discover the tomb.

After waking the dead, and fighting all the baddies threatening to kill them all, all Mummies disposed of efficiently and to budget.

All humans live happily ever after. Roll on the sequel.

Other comments

Some very good special effects, but there is never any doubt of the outcome.

Never gets more scary than the original series of Scooby Doo.

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