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Matrix Reloaded
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Studio executives summary / pitch
Well, the first one did so well... it would be rude not to do another two. This is the second of the trilogy...
Short plot summary

Neo, The One (Keanu Reeves) is now in love with Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) - he has to decide whether she lives or dies (or has he already decided?)

The machines are preparing for a final assault on the human's who reside in Zion (a lusty place where humans congregate to dance and sing and rub their naked bodies against each other to deeply pounding sexy rhythms...)

Zion could be destroyed if Neo makes the wrong decision... luckily his choices have been whittled down to the choice of walking through one of two doors...

What our panel of critics thought

"A bit like a video game but with no control over the characters. Is this all part of the illusion of the Matrix? The watching of the movie when you could be controlling it in the world of the video game? My Oracle me, it's a whole philosophical argument for the new millennium, and sooo profitable...."

"More philosophical-religious references than you can shake Moses's stick at. Unfortunately the Red Sea isn't parted here, or was that supposed to be the bit when the building explodes? Oh nobody tells me nuthin!"

"There's a horrible 9/11 flash back sequence here when the middle of a high rise explodes. Was that the real reason this movie took 4 years to come out?"

"The action sequences are exquisite, however the plot is in dire need of episode three..."

"Swearing in French? I do hope they translated that into English for the French language version, it sound positively naughty! A delight from start to fini!"

"Presumably this is a deep movie, however my money is that Professor Noam Chomsky could have explained all this in less than the 7 hours it takes for this trilogy to run. Our Noam doesn't look quite as good as Keanu Reeves with his shirt off, accepted, but he could probably save 6 hours of your life."

"Is it possible for a movie to be so pretentious it spawns a whole new philosophical modus operandi? No, didn't think so. Competitively priced double DVD to keep though..."

"It was only the loud banging that kept me awake."

"Does the Key man do shoe repairs too - that would be handy!

Please tell me the ending or plot overview if necessary

Is the Oracle to be trusted? In this installment we find out that she is a part of the machine, a fragment of code that has gone wrong, or right?

Agent Smith has found a way of replicating himself (he can stick his hand in someone's stomach and they turn into him!) All the Smith's pick a fight with Neo, but, of course, the flashy biatch escapes. 500 against 1? He's the One! Go Neo, Go Neo, Go Neo!

After saving Trinity, Neo does his bullet stopping trick on the machines and it knocks him out... Whadda we gonna do? But, hey, wait a minute, is that another hero type lying there next to our almost dead Neo? You know, I think it is... Hurrah! for episode three!

Quotable quotes (real)


"Me me me!" ..."Me too!"

About Swearing in French: "It's like wiping your ass with silk."

"Choice is an illusion created by those with power, for those without it."

Other comments

Brilliant fight sequences, but take that out and you are left with an attempt at philosophical technobabble which you might want to take or leave.

Undoubtedly the action sequences are technically the best example of their type at this time in movie history, and are very entertaining to watch.

Accusations that the philosophy is all a load of pretentious crap, however, might be hard to defend at times.

If you have never read philosophy, use this movie as an introduction to find out more. Great minds have philosophized about this stuff and the end result, albeit less action packed, is somewhat more profound.

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