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The Incredibles
Short plot summary

Super strong Mr Incredible (Bob Parr) is recalled to super hero work after being sacked for throwing his stumpy boss through three walls after a dressing down... But he doesn't tell his wife, until she comes looking for him one day because he has been kidnapped...

Luckily, Bob married Elastigirl (Helen Parr) who is very stretchy. They have three kiddies: Violet (she can go invisible), Dash (he can run like the wind) and a baby who seems to become a little devil when in danger.

The two oldest kiddies stow away in the ship flown by Mom to go rescue their Dad...

What our panel of critics thought

"Stunningly animated, colourful, but a little bit dull."

"Was that the first on-screen 'domestic' argument in CGI history?"

"I had an elastic band like that once, but I feel sure that I would never have married one unless I was Super Paper-clip Man."

"I have worked in a claims department of an insurance department and, while it is true that it is heart breaking when you have to deny coverage to a sweet little old lady with her grey hair in a bun, in the main old people are vile obnoxious smelly violent varmints who deserve no less than they get."

"The Incredibles have a sprinkler system in their home? Who on earth came up with that stupid idea...? The only reason I like them in the office is because, when they accidentally-on-purpose go off, you can't do a jot of work for a week while IT dry out all the computers with their hair dryers."

"I think I am going to become a 3D animation textures spotter after listening to the directors commentary on this DVD. A 3D animation textures spotter is a bit like a train spotter but you spot animated textures. Anyone seen an animated movie with 50/50 Polyester/Cotton mix in it? I want it for my collection."

"Who came up with the idea that you can disguise yourself by just putting a small mask around your eyes? What is that supposed to hide? Laughter lines? Bags? And what if you don't like wearing contact lenses and have to wear eyeglasses on top of your mask, would that give you away? Or are all superheroes supposed to have 20/20 vision? Damn these interminable questions!"

"All the people in positions of power in this movie are super short. (The boss in the insurance company and the big glasses woman at the security company.) This is the most height-ist movie I have ever seen in my life. I want a refund."

"Was Frozone based on French animated Superhero Monsieur Fromage? Mr Fromage squirts cream cheese from his wrists in the same way as Frozone does ice. I feel a law suit coming on..."

Please tell me the ending or whole plot if necessary
Along with super hero buddy Frozone (Lucius Best) the bad guy (Buddy Pine/Syndrome) is defeated, but, wait a minute, is that a set up for The Incredibles Number 2 at the very end... oh, yep looks like it to me...
Other comments

This movie is brilliantly animated, however the story is a little bit slow at times and, while the picture on the screen is undoubtedly stunning, brilliantly lit at times and the ideas well executed, we felt disappointed, because we were expecting a 100% action movie. (It's about a 70% action movie.) It's a very long movie too, 107 minutes long...

The movie was an ambitious undertaking, which may well grow over repeated viewings. We saw it only twice for this review, the second time with the directors DVD commentary. Young families may well enjoy it.

Date of review

April 12, 2005

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