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The Day After Tomorrow
Short plot summary

Dennis Quaid plays Jack Hall an athletic climatologist who's been telling everyone about global warming for years but they wouldn't listen to him. Then his worst predictions come true... in this straight to theme park rollercoaster ride.

What our panel of critics thought

"The biggest pile of s**t I have seen in the last 12 months, possibly longer."

"The first scene, where Dennis Quaid, the lead actor in this movie, almost falls down that iceberg thingie? WTF? I have never been more relaxed in a supposedly tense scene in my life. They would never kill off the lead character in the first five minutes... never... You can, most times, tell what a movie will be like in the first five minutes... that pretty much does sum it up..."

"The acting is as good as it can be, the problem is the script and the attempt by the script to put the characters in dramatic positions so the CGI experts can take over. Does the C in CGI stand for crap? It does in this movie."

"Some of the CGI is good, however even the long shot with the twisters over New York looked like a painting to me. 1 out of 150."

"Love Jake Gyllenhall, I can forgive him for this movie. However, Dennis Quaid should have known better."

"Was this movie designed as a holdall for the CGI effects? - those lovely juicy clips of disaster that could be shown on chat shows and stuff? Bet they were. As a complete package, this movie was very disappointing."

"Good message, global warming is bad, however, why did I have to sit through this pile of s**t to get that?"

"Oh, I geddit, that Vice President looks just like Dick Cheney... ha ha ha. Gotcha sucker..."

Please tell me the ending or whole plot if necessary

Jack finds his son in New York. The Dick Cheney look-i-likee Vice President gives an emotional 'I was wrong to not do anything' speech.

The freeze seems to be abating by the end. Most of the world's civilization has moved to the third world...

Date of review

February 14, 2007

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