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The Beach
Short plot summary

Leonardo diCaprio plays Richard, an American backpacker in Thailand (no jokes about Phucket anywhere - are they playing for laughs or not?) He is given a map by a loud Scot and finds the island with two French friends. It is all idyllic, and then...


15. Contains moments of part nakedness, upper arm female nudity, graphic scenes of licky lust in tents. Death by shark. French people.

What our panel of critics thought

"Doesn't really make much sense, why would the Thai gangsters ever allow The Beach to exist in the first place?"

"Horror in paradise. The movie is in dire need of Bob Hope or Bing Crosby, or any late 1940's style crooner, if you ask me young man."

"Nothing but an excuse for young things to run about with not much on. Baywatch fans will enjoy, although big wobbly boob lovers will be disappointed."

"An OK film. I didn't exactly care much about any of the characters."

"Redemption song cheered me up no end after that bloody shark induced jaw fest."

"Both nice and nasty all rolled up into an easy to market package. I could care less about this movie, but put my name down for a screen saver..."

Please tell me the ending.

The Thai drug growers who control the druggie bits of the island, and allow the Beach to exist, act following an increasingly 'surfer dude' type of visitor to the beach...

But don't fear, Leonardo's character lives on to enjoy internet cafe heaven at the end of the movie.

Quotable quotes (real)
"Aarrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh! Shark!"
Other comments

This movie is from a debut novel which remarkably (I don't read that much) I read at the time of its release. The book is quite a good page turner and the movie captures the spirit of the book, although, if memory serves, a couple of the characters have been merged.

Not a great movie, but stylish in places. The novel was promoted as the first backpacker novel of its type.

Date of review

February 17th 2003

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