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Superman Returns
Short plot summary

Brandon Routh plays Superman, who has returned to earth after 5 years away on a journey of self-discovery...

What our panel of critics thought

"The same music? THE SAME MUSIC? I feel cheated and I want my money back."

"Kevin Spacey is a slap headed genius, and you may quote me on that my dear boy."

"I do hope the Superman curse is good to Brandon."

"Whilst it is true we have been here many times before, it is still a nice journey, but where to from here?"

"Nicely lit throughout. A triumph!"

"Has Brandon Routh brought out a workout DVD to get that body? I am a smidge under 350 lbs and I just gotta get me that body. Anyone?"

"Superman, you are so cruel, throwing that ball for the dog so far!"

"OK. Look. I can accept that those stupid naïve cretins in the 1940's and 1950's (no offense intended) could be fooled by the Clark Kent putting glasses on disguise, but not today. They both return together, they are never seen together, oh come off it! I'm suing them for stupidity!"

"A triumph of SuperNEWman."

"Has there ever been a moment in Superman history when Superman forgets to take off his Clark Kent glasses and fly's through the air like a bird and plane? That would be absolutely hilarious. Anyone? Seriously though, if Lois saw him like that then surely she would see through the disguise? No?"

Please tell me the ending (SPOILER).

Lois Lane's kid is Superman's.

Other comments

It's nice to see Superman back, however we have been here many times before and whilst the special effects are fantastic and Kevin Spacey is particularly superb, we wonder where do we go from here?

Date of review

January 17, 2007

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