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Star Trek 7: Generations
Studio executives summary / pitch
Captain Kirk (William Shatner) meets Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) for first and last time.
Short plot summary

Convoluted plot which allows the two most popular captains of the Enterprise to meet in strange time paradox (Nexus).

Data gets an emotion implant.

What our panel of critics thought

"Whoopee Goldberg, you babe in a tall flat hat. I would like to take you home with me... hmmmm mmmm..."

"I like to think of myself as a well balanced, racially tolerant, sexually supportive, citizen. But if I ever did see one of those Klingon women reading the news I would change channels as fast as my flipper would allow. They are such mingers, anything they said I would believe the absolute opposite."

"Has many instances of that classic Star Trek crashy-wobble we all came to know and love. At least, in this movie, our heroes don't get pinged across the screen, they just manfully wobble until the special effects give up. Bravisimo!"

"How lucky Jean Luc was to be stranded on such a wonderfully sunny planet! It reminded me of Death Valley but with smiles."

"I am whispering this, my dear, because I don't want to be overheard. I have never been able to understand what that nice Captain Picard is saying. I find those plummy English vocals so difficult to understand. Was he the butler? Did he do it? Nobody tells me nuthin."

Please tell me the ending.

Kirk dies, Picard survives.

The well coiffured gray hair of the bad guy never gets so much as a mild wind rearrangement.

Other comments

The end of Captain Kirk. Sigh! The end of an era.

Date of review

July 15 , 2002

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