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Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Studio executives summary / pitch
The original 'Sixties in space' TV series returns with modern (1980's) space drama look-and-feel, without the dust.
Short plot summary

Kirk has been promoted to the rank of Admiral. He returns to Captain the USS Enterprise as there is a 'thing' out there.

Voyage of discovery at the beginning of a five picture deal.


  • Mr Spock is very logical
  • Mr Bones is very testy towards Mr Spock
  • Mr Scottie is determined to continue with his Scottish accent straight from a 1930's US movie
  • Ms Uhuru is keenly on hand to make up the numbers
  • Captain Kirk is dreamy
What our panel of critics thought
"A satisfying transfer from TV to the big screen."

"A highly philosophical plot, not much time wasted running and zapping with their phasers. A disappointment."

"A veritable cornucopia of logical thought with pointy ears. Don't expect Blade Runner, but it is much better than the trash sci-fi shows of the 1960's, the colors are much better and the special effects don't make the walls wobble. A triumph!"

"Captain Kirk pulls his stomach in with gusto, although there is little need for his legendary punchy-fists to save the day. All in all a nicely wordy piece."

"The Spock-alise: one of my earliest disappointments in childhood. It was not until my 14th year when I realized that you couldn't make someone unconscious by just nipping their shoulder like Mr Spock (I assumed I was doing it wrong)."

"Captain Kirk was once voted the best manager of all-time by a management consultancy. I bet if he didn't get what he wanted, he could just let that stomach out - a submission would surely follow."

Please tell me the ending

V-ger is the Voyager 6 space probe - it is looking for its creator as it has mutated into an artificial intelligence type non-human-feeling-creature. Will it and Mr Spock marry? Close, but no C-ger.

To continue on its evolution, Decker, from the Enterprise, agrees to be melded to almost certain death off screen in a moment of human growth experimentation madness. There must be a spin off series in this somewhere... Never fear, all the main characters live for the sequel.

Quotable quotes (fake)
"On the double, Decker."
"Deck her, Decker."
"Decker, don't. "
"Donut, Decker?"
Other comments

The special effects are a million times better in this movie than in the TV series.

Date of review

June 5, 2002

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