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Short plot summary

Cartoon-like characters from London underworld. Bare knuckle fighting 'pikies' (gypsies), diamond stealing thugs and pig eating corpses. A comedy from England.

18: Includes moments of English accent, the word cockney, Pitt Bull terriers, bare knuckle fighting, spitting, blood, guns and dogs swallowing squeeky toys.
What our panel of critics thought

"All the fun of a trip through the London underworld without the need to get on a plane to fist fight for real. A triumph!"

"Oh, Mr Ritchie, you can certainly produce an entertaining smorgasbord of underworldian mayhem. Bravo!"

"A veritable treasure-trove of stuffed dogs looking up to camera. Of vicious dogs biting actors in cars and then swallowing squeaky toys to make then wheeze. Marginally not as good as Lock Stock, but it has much going for it."

"Like a cartoon but no Boing! and Kerching!! An entertaining movie with an interesting group of characters."

"A bare knuckle fight movie, but this time played for laughs. Mr Pitt, you boxing-bouncer-slim-tattooed-bedlam-bashing boxer-type! BOO!"

Please tell me the ending or whole plot if necessary

Strand One Tommy, when going to buy a caravan for his business partner, Turkish, meets bare knuckle champion Mickey (Brad Pitt). The 'protection' sent with Tommy, Gorgeous George, is involved in a fight with Mickey. Mickey wins.

Gorgeous was to have taken part in a fight against an opponent put up by a guy called Brick Top. Turkish goes to Brick Top to tell him about George. Turkish offers a replacement (Mickey), Brick Top says he must go down in 4th round. He doesn't.

Following the fight, Brick Top's men burn Mickey's mothers' caravan to the ground and kill her. Mickey agrees to fight again for Turkish, and once again he refuses to go down when told to. As they leave the building, Mickey and his fellow gypsies shoot Brick Top and his men in retaliation for murdering Mickey's mother.

On going to the gypsy site, Turkish and Tommy discover that they have moved on, but they come across a dog who they take to the vets as it squeaks. In the dog they find a diamond.

Strand Two: A diamond heist goes wrong. A couple of underground characters have possession of the diamond but lose it as they are murdered. A hopeless band of three small time crooks own the dog who swallows the diamond from a bad boy Russian. The dog then runs away, next seen running around on the former gypsy site.

Other comments

A sort of sequel to Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, but this time including bare knuckle underworld fighting - a popular subject.

A good movie to unwind to after a session of doing boy stuff.

Date of this review

May 7 , 2002

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