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Sleepless in Seattle
Short plot summary

Woman falls in love with man she hears on radio chat show, anonymously named 'Sleepless in Seattle' by the chat show production team.

Romantic comedy as the two of them eventually get together, or do they...?

What our panel of critics thought

"A guaranteed weepy."

"Voted most weepy movie at 1993 World Movie Weepathon or did I make that up?"

"One of those cheeky kids with their nice Dad stories. One of the first Tom Hanks blockbusters, if you do not count Splash or Bachelor Party."

"Tom Hanks can really do pining. I am filling up even writing this now."

"A rainy afternoon picture."

Please tell me the ending.

Of course they get together...

They meet at the top of the Empire State building. Not a dry eye in the house. After this you may like You've got mail, same stars. We preferred it to this one.

Quotable quotes (real)

"It's easier to be killed by a terrorist than for a woman to get married after the age of 40."

"Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories. We've already missed the spring."

Other comments

We saw this movie after You've Got Mail in a freak movie reviewing timing paradox. You've Got Mail was much better than this one, even though it isn't really a sequel. The main plot issue with SiS is that the two characters don't meet until the end .

A Cary Grant movie without Cary Grant. A nice humor-weepy

Date of review

November 26 , 2002.

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