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Excellent documentary investigating the various shortcomings of the health care industry in the United States of America, by Michael Moore... but it ain't very funny folks.

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"On the front of the cover of this DVD currently on sale in the UK, there is a quote from the Rolling Stone - it says, about this movie: "You'll laugh till it hurts." The review is by Peter Travers. The full review is here. This implies, at least to this reviewer, that the documentary will make you laugh a lot... it won't. Sicko is an excellent documentary, Michael Moore is one of the most important documentarists in the USA today, however this documentary isn't funny, as it is seemingly being promoted as being. I want my money back."

"This is an excellent documentary, it's a must watch, but, like Schindler's List, once watched you won't want to come back again, it's far too depressing. My fave Michael Moore movie is still Bowling For Columbine."

"Don't buy this DVD thinking it is a comedy."

"Probably not one to recommended as a 'buy to own' DVD. Fahrenheit 9/11 is good, Bowling for Columbine is best."

"The idiots who say this is Michael Moore's best documentary yet are clearly trying to promote this movie. This isn't his best movie yet, Bowling for Columbine is his best (and funniest) one to date. Fahrenheit 9/11 was brilliant, if only for its timeliness."

"I do object to Richard 'Tricky Dickie' Nixon being blamed for this mess. Give the man a break: he's paid his debt to society and now done the decent thing and dropped dead."

Please tell me the ending or whole plot if necessary

The USA health care system needs reform. Better socialized systems exist in Canada, France and Britain.

Other comments

A genuine disappointment as we expected this to be a riot of laughter. An important documentary, no doubt, but not a light choice for an evening's entertainment.

Date of this review

May 7, 2008

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