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Sex And The City, The Movie
Short plot summary

Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) decides to marry Mr Big (Chris Noth) in a Vogue special over 40s marriage. But all does not go to plan after Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) inadvertently puts Big off the marriage.

What our panel of critics thought

"One for devout fans who watched up to the end of the TV series and wept and longed for another episode. For everyone else it isn't."

"There has never been a better excuse to product place than here - the characters were born to sell. So what happens? They make a downer movie - who would want to sell anything in a depressing movie like this? There are too few laughs, and comedy queen Samantha Jones is not even living in The City any more. A complete waste of time apart from the fact it grossed over $150mn (source"

"At last a TV to big screen movie where they all go on holiday together! Why has this fantastic idea taken so long to come to fruition?"

"I have always wanted to be the first person to swear loudly in an auction room. Damn and blast Samantha Jones for pipping me to it once again."

"Sex And The City hit its stride, in my opinion, in season 4, when Samantha had her lesbian fling, Carrie almost but didn't marry Aidan (John Corbett), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) had marriage problems with Trey (Kyle MacLachlan) and Steve (David Eigenberg) found out he had cancer... This movie isn't anywhere near the creative high-water mark of season 4, it's just another fix for addicts."

"Kim Catrall would make a brilliant, serious, James Bond type hero. I'm not joking. No comedy, well comedy in the James Bond sense. Come on, who'll give me $50million to make it? Huh?"

"This movie probably should not have been made. But now it has been, hopefully now it will be recycled somehow."

"Oh My Gawd! Sex and the City 2 is on its way in 2010."

Please tell me the ending or whole plot if necessary
Bradshaw and Big finally marry but quietly.
Other comments

Falls into that category of TV shows to big screen movies that just aren't up to it. Sadly a missed opportunity, just not funny enough.

Date of review

May 28, 2009

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