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Pretty Woman
Short plot summary

Richard Gere plays Edward Lewis, a corporate arbitrageur, who asks directions from a hooker and then falls in love with her. But, hang on a minute, it can't be that simple can it... uhm.. yep...

But, of course, to fill in the time before the end, we get to see how the snobs in Rodeo Drive treat her... yes, our gal can't get served, even though she's got a fist full a'dollar... but hey, thank goodness for that snobby hotel manager who doesn't kick her out when she comes back dressless (ooo er)... thanks solely to the bell boy recognising her... Phew, close one... So, the manager helps her buy her first dress which doesn't include trawler boat waders... and, you knew it all along, she is stunning!

Our gal may be street smart, and rough'n'tough, yet she has a soft fondant filling. If she were a chocolate she would be strawberry creme. And soon Edward has her a'melting...

Surely there is just no way this story could not end happily ever after...

What our panel of critics thought

"I just loved watching Jason Alexander being beaten up. It's such a shame Richard Gere had his shirt on when he did it."

"Polo is such a classy sport, apart from the divot thing. Surely rich posh people could afford to employ an immigrant to do that?"

Please tell me the ending.

Vivian decides she doesn't want to stay with Edward so goes home. Edward is told by the kindly hotel manager that the limousine driver took her home the day before. So he goes to her place and they kiss passionately on the fire exit, overcoming the earlier plot point that he was scared of heights (it fades to black before we see him plummeting to his death clutching on to his woman in abject terror...).

Other comments

This movie was a smash when it came out... hmmmm...

Date of review

January 15, 2004

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