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Point Break
Short plot summary

Keanu Reeves plays 25 year old FBI officer Johnny Utah who has to infiltrate surfer dudes. Head surfer dude is Bodhi, played by Patrick Swayze.

The Old Presidents (yes they wear the masks AND do the voices) are a notorious bank robbing team, it is believed they are surfers so our hero learns to surf and mixes it all up.

What our panel of critics thought

"How did they do those skydiving scenes? You can't see the strings and I would presume the stars didn't do it for real... impressive."

"Keanu's body is perfectly cast."

"If you are disappointed by this movie you really only have yourself to blame."

"I have rarely heard such shouting in a movie. A triumph of lung bustitude."

"It gives you exactly what you might expect, plus a very exciting direction and film making. The chase scenes (through the houses) are really impressive."

"The chase scenes have a Tom and Jerry quality about them - and it looks as if dear old Butch is also thrown at our hero in one house - a triumph!"

"The story is sort of formulaic but with a refreshing direction. The chase scenes are truly breath taking, camerawork very innovative."

Please tell me the ending or whole plot if necessary

After a few fights, Johnny Utah's cover is blown and the bad guy's take his girlfriend hostage (she used to be Bohdi's girlfriend!) Utah takes part in a Bank raid to help free the girlfriend but has no mask... he kills a special agent during the raid...

But of course this all proves the point that he's got the right guy's - they are doing the robbing for the thrill of it... surfer dudes unite! OK, like, yea, man!

Other comments

Not a half bad movie at all. The direction (Kathryn Bigelow) is very good - watch the chase scenes through the houses - very well done indeed, and, of course, the skydiving scenes which are very well handled.

It is unlikely you will be disappointed by this movie if you fancied the sound of it in the first place, you get pretty much what you would expect, Surfer Dude...

Date of review

May 7 , 2003

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