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Planet of the Apes (2001)
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Short plot summary

Astronaut crash lands on a planet where apes are human equivalent (except have no technology). A 're-imagining' of (some say) classic Planet of the Apes, stars Mark Wahlberg.

What our panel of critics thought (Continued)

"I spent good money to see Wahlberg topless! I want my money back."

"Almost some gorilla sex! Then they must have realized it was PG. Such a shame, can't wait to see all of the gory details in the deleted scenes on the DVD."

"The ape movements have improved on earlier movies, they jump up now which is much more realistic than in the original version in which the apes were more human-like."

"Did I see Wahlberg smile in this movie? I don't think so."

"Would be a good pilot for another TV series."

"The movie doesn't end as much as aborts."

Please tell me the ending or whole plot if necessary

The movie starts in a space craft in which chimps are trained for space travel. One chimp goes out and is lost, Wahlberg's character (Leo Davidson), a junior crew member, gets into another pod and goes after him.

It all goes wrong, he crash lands onto a planet where the apes can talk.

LD is captured by apes, along with other humans, all of whom can talk.

Friendly female ape (Ari - Bonham Carter) buy our heroes and they work for her, but then escape. Ari goes with them.

This group of humans and apes run away to find LD's ship but when they find it, it is aged. Then they have to fight the ape army who attack.

All of a sudden (during a battle) the chimp lost early on in the movie reappears. LD uses the pod to escape but goes back in time to find Washington DC is run by apes too.

Other comments

Apart from the ending, which is dire, there is little else wrong with this movie.

Wahlberg plays a junior crew member (an American every young man) not a senior figure, like Heston in the original movie. If we had never seen the original we would probably have liked this movie - the ape makeup is good, the ape characterization interesting.

But the bottom line is that there is an original, and, whilst the original has lots wrong with it, it may still be preferred by those who see it first.

Date of review

February 21, 2002

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