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Paradise Hawaiian Style
Short plot summary

Elvis Presley plays to type as Rick Richards, a returning islander who sets up a helicopter business with an old friend, Danny Kohana (played by James Shigeta). But mayhem, tunes and girlfriends past and present get in the way of a smooth company start up. Brainless cheeky-wink-type colourful 1960s charm throughout.

What our panel of critics thought
"Uncle Rick, romantic Rick, tuneful Rick, loveable nice guy Rick. There's a Rick for everyone in this movie."

"WOW! Even after 40 years his face looks just like that towel I bought in Turkey last year. Ageless beauty in an acceptably waste of time movie for all ages."

"Kudos for how they managed to add in that biracial marriage in this popcorn movie. Light entertainment social engineering done with aplomb."

"Elvis croons to dogs in a helicopter in a remarkable sequence frequently referred to as the worst moment from an Elvis Presley movie. A dog's life indeed!"

"'You scratch'a my back, I'll scratch'a your back. Like two peas in a pack, let's get of our itch together...' Yes, folks, that's a song in the movie. I need say no more."

"'Sometimes saying you're married works better than an insect repellent.' Now they don't write product placement dialogue like that any more.

"Beautiful scenery, swoopy cameras-in-helicopters flying through the air shots, songs seemingly written by a four year old, colourful dancers in varying degrees of almost 1960's nakedness. It's one of the average Presley films."

Please tell me the ending

Rick has a quiet talk with the guy whom he ran off the road (he's threatening to have Rick's helicopter license revoked). Since the accident the guy's wife has been too fragile to go out with him and he has enjoyed going out on his own... He therefore drops any charges which means that Rick can fly again just in time for the last number.

Other comments

A mindless family movie. Elvis is great although this movie may contain the worst sequence in a Presley movie in history.

Date of this review

April 17, 2009

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