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Ocean's Eleven
Short plot summary

Danny Ocean (George Clooney) is a con man just out of prison. To get at Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia), who is 'with' Danny's (ex-?) wife Tess (Julia Roberts), Ocean plans a three casino $160mn heist of Benedict's properties.

Ocean collects together a team for the heist - including Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) and Linus Caldwell (Matt Damon) - they plan an audacious raid of Benedict's casinos on a big money fight night (apparently, by law, all Vegas casinos must have money in the vaults to cover all of the chips in the casino).

12+. Not suitable for the hard of hearing, the socially excluded and the poor. Some hair styles may cause offense.
What our panel of critics thought

"One of those movies better to act in than to watch."

"No doubt this was an awesome gigglefest for the actors from start to finish. You can actually see them about to crack up at times, but the editors cut away or the actors hold on somehow. Oh what fun to be a multi-squilianaire and to play about like this for all that money."

"I do hope they were massively over-paid for appearing in this movie."

"The second worst England-English accent in Hollywood history (the guy who causes the power cut). Thank the Lord he never sang Chim Chimery. I want my money back. "

"I love the Elvis Presley 'Little Less Conversation remix' unfortunately there is one of the worst music edits I have ever heard of it in this movie."

"Is Lennox Lewis actually in that ring?"

"Does Brad Pitt ever stop eating in this movie?"

Please tell me the ending
They steal the money. Ocean, however, gets caught, he goes back to prison for 6 months. He seems to have got his wife back by the end, though, as they drive off into the distance.
Other comments

In theory an interesting movie, in fact it leaves you wanting more.

Robbing a casino is clearly a technically challenging marvel, but this movie does not really capture this; we fell to sleep, not really caring for the characters who, in any case, we have all seen naked in pictures on the internet before.

Date of this review

October 19 , 2002

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