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Never Back Down
Short plot summary

New guy (who looks a lot like a young Tom Cruise) in High School gets picked on and beaten up by buff bully boy mixed martial arts champion. He learns MMA to kick ass... You know how it ends...

What our panel of critics thought

"Typical rites of passage movie. Boy punches boy. Boy punches boy again. Boy vows vengeance. Gets it. Lots of tight young flesh along the way. Sorted."

"Bravo to Cam Gigandet's (who plays Ryan McCarthy) six pack. Why is he still at High School? He's 27 years of age?"

"Is it me or are these guys a bit skinny? Claude Van Damme would snap them all in half with one look."

"The Fast and the Furious crowd will be more than happy with this effort."

"So the lead character is called Jake Tyler - is this a nod to Tyler Durden from Fight Club? Me thinks 'tis."

"A modern MTV Karate Kid, with a coach who really looks like he could kick ass."

"Not a gum shield in sight. Is this movie being sponsored by the Dentist's Association?"

Please tell me the ending

Our hero Tyler beats up bad boy McCarthy in the car park. Everyone lives happily, although very bruisidly in the short term, ever after...

Other comments
The first time Mixed Martial Arts features so prominently in a movie, as far as I know. Brilliant sport. The film is pretty much what it says on the tin so if you are disappointed when you watch it you only have yourself to blame.
Date of review

November 5, 2008

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