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Mr and Mrs Smith
Short plot summary

Married for 5-6 years, but it is all a sham - a marriage of convenience. Jane Smith even got actors to play her parents at the wedding, we are told...

They are both sent on the same kill, and then, ultimately, get to realise that they are married to a fellow assassin. They try to kill each other, but realise that they have feelings for each other...

What our panel of critics thought

"A fun film. Uhm, have I become desensitised to violence? Everything including the machine gun, but still I laughed and laughed! A thwack, bloody, stabby, neck twisty, joy from start to finish!"

"Why oh why oh why does Angelina Jolie always look like Lara Croft? I want my money back."

"Extremely violent, it upset my pet goldfish."

"Very funny."

"The dinner they have together, both knowing the other is trying to kill them, is an all time classic. Bravisimo!"

Please tell me the ending.

When they find they can't kill each other, because they love each other too much, their respective agencies then attempt to get them both killed. Our heroes survive, and, apparently, the sex is just great.

Other comments

In real life this movie was overshadowed by Brangelina's relationship off screen.

This is a good fun, funny, film, if massively far too violent.

Date of review

June 12, 2006.

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