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Moulin Rouge
Short plot summary

Boy meets girl. Girl is a prostitute. Girl and boy fall in love. Girl told to dump boy or he will be killed by her 'owner' boss. Girl dies in petals.

What our panel of critics thought

"The use of Your Song will keep Elton John in flowers for another three months."

"A movie of delicious sound bites, but not one to be eaten whole in one sitting."

"Not a mainstream movie, an art house movie with lots of hype."

"All it needs is love."

"Terribly disappointing movie - I expected so much more after Romeo and Juliet. The music used is familiar, and good, and this undoubtedly makes the film bearable. However, in the 'Like A Virgin' scene I wanted to run away, it is so embarrassing."

"Woody Allen's 'Everyone Says I Love You' was much better."

"A workmanlike movie with no heart."

"Full of youthful exuberance."

Please tell me the ending or whole plot if necessary

Ewan McGregor plays Christian, a young man who falls in love with Satine (Nicole Kidman), a performer in Moulin Rouge, Paris.

In highly stylized directing (a bit like a 1960's Batman meets expensive art house flicks of the time) the story is told in song - hits such as Elton John's Your Song and a couple of Madonna singles.

The Duke, who owns Moulin Rouge, wants to 'own' Satine a prostitute, but she has fallen for Christian, our hero. They scheme to have time together but then the Duke decides he wants exclusivity, threatening to kill Christian if the relationship continues.

Ending: Satine is shot dead during a performance after she kisses Christian.

Other comments

A truly disappointing movie. We loved Romeo and Juliet for its challenging adaptation, however Moulin Rouge offers little new originality on top of this style (and, in Moulin Rouge, the story is not as strong).

The way it uses golden pop oldie popular songs undoubtedly is why this movie was not avoided by the masses at the time of its release - this makes parts of it bearable. However, the Like A Virgin song is truly, wincingly, awful.

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