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Mission Impossible 3, Mi:3
Short plot summary

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is back once again to find his newly married wife who is being held by a group looking for a thing called a 'Rabbit's Foot', which could be some kind of weapon of mass destruction for all they tell us...

What our panel of critics thought

"The best Mission film to date. Amazing special effects, even though it has the standard 'bad guys have your wife so you had better do what they tell you' basic plot story line."

"Sorry Mission fans. I just don't believe that a mask could be that convincing. OK, from a distance probably, OK, but from up close? Close like you're kissing the guy? No, nah, nada, no way. I'm not listening . No, No, No, Noooooo. Not possible. No."

"Some very very nice sequences, such as the 'Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall' comment, the jumping off a skyscraper in Shanghai, one bullet left in the gun he fires it and says 'I'm out' routine, and the helicopter flying through the wind farm turbines. Probably not for those with a bad heart, although to be fair the first one would probably have finished those viewers off."

"Laurence Fishburn excels in his grumpy guy typecast once more."

"Is that a young Henry 8th helping Tom Cruise? Or should I say Henry VIII? History was never my strong point, Italian history doubly not so."

"Shock horror, Tom Cruise actually dies in this movie. Nice heart massage sequence, not a defibrillator in sight. Or was her name Defibrillator? Can't remember now."

"Simon Pegg is in this movie? This must surely mean he will eventually turn up as Q in the James Bond movies... No hum."

Please tell me the ending or whole plot if necessary

Wife saved to budget and on time. At the end, Hunt decides whether to stay on with the IMF, which to be frank must be the only secure job in the world today. But is this just a teaser for Mi:4?

Other comments

It's the old story of wife being held by the bad guys and being rescued by the hero, but boy what a journey. Everything fans could want from the Mission Impossible franchise, including how they actually make the masks! Enjoyable action-filled nonsense from start to finish. Gives Jack Bauer a run for his money which is a high compliment from us.

Date of review

February 19, 2009

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