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Mission Impossible 2 : (aka Mi2)
Short plot summary

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is back. This time his mission, if he chooses to accept it, which of course he does or this would be a short film, is to find a virus.

What our panel of critics thought

"Dum dum dar dar dum dum dar dar dum dum..."

"That 'mission if you decide to accept it' self destruction happened in only 4 seconds not the 5 as advertised. I want my money back."

"Isn't it time the IMF devised a smoke-free self destruct message? The special effects are all modern, but smoking inside has been phased out long ago. Get with it Tom and co!"

"So, that's where Hannibal Lecter went: A middle manager in the IMF! No wonder the world is in the state it's in."

"I do hope the International Monetary Fund (the real IMF) benefited from this IMF mention. Or should they rename themselves to the Impossible Mission Force? I would just love to meet a real IMF agent, but fear that they would not look half as buff as our Tom, probably more like an accountant an economist or heavens forbid, a dirty rotten banker."

"Where can I get my hands on a machine that makes the masks they use?"

"Are you telling me that that scene at the start of the movie, with Tom Cruise climbing the rocks, and hanging on as the camera went past, was genuine? Kudos Tom."

"Sydney, Australia, and Seville, Spain, are two of the locations in this increasingly urgent CGIfest. A sunny, if a little empty journey."

Please tell me the ending or whole plot if necessary

Tom Cruise's character Ethan Hunt, almost gets a scratch in a fight with a Scottish guy, Dougray Scott who plays evil guy Sean Ambrose. No fears hairdresser type fans, Tom's hair is never in danger of looking anything less than quiffed to perfection.

Hunt's girlfriend for this mission, Thandie Newton playing Nyah Nordoff-Hall, injects herself with the deadly 'Chimera' virus but an antidote is clearly eventually found and everyone lives happily ever after. Unfortunately the whole point of the mission was to get a live instance of the Chimera virus so the mission fails, but it was quite a journey and as they had spent all the money on making the movie we assume they thought they might as well bring it out...

Other comments

A little bit more understandable than the first one. John Woo directs. It's a cool actioner but the face-off-mask idea is, we fear, just an easy way to spice up a paint by numbers plot.

There's a brilliant stunt where two motorcyclists jump off their motorcycles and bodyslam each other. An American James Bond.

Date of review

Feb 19, 2009

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