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Mars Attacks
Short plot summary

Mars attacks.

What our panel of critics thought

"So that's what Pierce Brosnan looks like if his head was detached from his body."

"Sarah Jessica, babe, thank goodness they didn't make you cock your leg my dear!"

"I know you paid me good money to give my comments on this movie but I got so fed up I fast forwarded through to the end. The movie is colorful and the special effects look good at 3 times normal speed."

"Yaa, yaa, yaa, ya yaaa."

"Protruding eyed, pant wearing aliens. My, you look expensive my dears."

"Is this a fetish movie? A woman's body with a dog's head? Call the authorities, or the kennels, at once!"

"Tom Jones, my dear, I hope they paid you well... Was this movie released about the time 'It's not unusual' reentered the charts again by any chance?"

Please tell me the ending.

Plucky, previously loser type earth characters, kick Martian butts to save planet.

Stars Jack Nicholson as the President, Glenn Close as his wife. Pierce Brosnan, Sarah Jessica Parker and Michael J Fox.

Other comments

An amazingly awful movie, but then again it is pretty much what you might expect. Superb special effects, an unbelievably A-list cast, but we never care much about any of the characters. Could do better. Run for the hills.

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