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Short plot summary

A study of psychological disorders in fur coats, on horse back and in bed. Tippi Hedren plays Marnie, a woman who literally sees red at times - "momma, why dontcha love me...?"

What our panel of critics thought

"The best special effect in this movie was, wait for it, red over exposure - RED OVER EXPOSURE? It makes my blood boil! I want my money back and punitive damages, God damn it."

"Why did he marry her..."

"'Sleep aberrations of an angry mother'... I read that once in the asylum - the sequel is good too, but there's less furry animals in that one..."

"... and not a couch in sight, or did I nod off?"

"A slow walking triumph.. Marnie is not a person to mess with... especially if you are an injured horse..."

Please tell me the ending.

Mark Rutland marries Marnie and helps her come to terms with her mental problems.

She is haunted by an incident in her childhood when her hooker mother killed a customer with a fire poker during a thunder storm... Her mother loved her very much... aaahhh... but why was she such a dry old bint at the start - there's not a thunder storm in sight and they changed to gas just last year... We never know...

Other comments

One of those movies that has always been there in the bargain bins and, well, it's Hitchcock so that says everything really.

A psychological movie, quite unique in its way, dealing with a taboo subject, certainly a subject rarely attempted in mainstream Hollywood movies. Not an easy movie to watch either... has dated viciously...

Date of review

December 17 , 2002.

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