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Jean-Claude Van Damme in KickBoxer
Short plot summary

Jean-Claude Van Damme plays Kurt Sloane, brother to Eric (Dennis Alexio) who is beaten to disability by bad boy boxer Tong Po. It's a tale of suffering against all the odds to win punch drunk revenge by the end credits.

What our panel of critics thought

"I feel sure there is a joke with Tong Po as the punch line but it escapes me at the moment."

"I have never seen so many sucker punches in all of my life, has he heard of blocking? At this rate Van Damme is going to lose his pretty boy looks. Thank goodness all of the punches clearly stop about half an inch before hitting him."

"An entertaining unlikelyfest for those times when you are drunk to incapacity. Few of the fighting moves would work in real life but they must have had fun making the picture. I wonder how many knuckleheads have broken their feet kicking someone's head in like that."

"I have always wanted to tear in half one of those heavy looking championship boxing belts, luckily, in this film, it looks like they are made out of cardboard. A triumph of tear-tertainment!"

"The moral of the tale is: never trust a referee in a pink shirt!"

"Tong Po is the Mike Tyson (early invincible version) of KickBoxers, but with a pig tail. Surely anyone could grab hold of his girly hair and swing him over their shoulders? Nobody thinks of this, of course - have I attained a higher level of spiritual enlightenment? or have I been playing StreetFighter too long on my Playstation? Oh, bring it on anyway!"

Please tell me the ending or whole plot if necessary

Bad boy Tong Po is beaten-up by our hero in spite of him bending the kick boxing rules one last time by attempting to spear our hero with a burning javelin.

They presumably all live happily ever after as there are two sequels. Jean-Claude does not grace them with his presence, however.

Quotable quotes (real)
"Hey, we're family. Let's kick some ass."
Other comments

One of those 'little-big-muscly-guy' wins against the 'big-bad-muscly-guy' after everyone has had a good laugh at his expense along the way, movies.

Would be a nice self improvement type movie if it was a little less tacky. There are times in this movie when you wonder if it could get any more hopeless and nasty, and then it does, although, thankfully, hot steam-iron boxing is avoided.

Jean-Claude acts to type and fans will not be disappointed, although the plot doesn't make much sense.

Date of review

April 28 , 2003

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