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High Society
Short plot summary

Tracy Samantha Lord (Grace Kelly), is set to marry, however, before the marriage, she has an affair with the reporter sent to cover the marriage (Frank Sinatra - Mike Connor), and she is also clearly still in love with her old husband played by Bing Crosby (CK Dexter Haven).

Some great tunes, at least one truly average one, and an awfully 1950s 'black' performance from Louis Armstrong (broad grin, bulging eyes and general effusiveness). This is saved by some great classic songs such as 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire', and the original since much copied Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby version of 'Well, Did You Evah?'

What our panel of critics thought

"Back to a time when the name Uncle Willy wasn't laughed at openly at length."

"Bing Crosby was born middle aged."

"High Society is basically a female Elvis Presley movie, but without the really really atrocious songs."

"Some great songs, but the Samantha song must have taken all of three minutes to write."

"Louis Armstrong's performance when he isn't playing his trumpet is truly excruciating. At least he never said 'Yessss sirrrr bosss.' But it was a close run thing."

"So this is what our grandparents were like. What tarts."

"Saved by the music - without it this would be a feature length episode of Dallas."

"Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby sing 'Well, Did You Evah'. You've seen everyone mimic this, the original is genuinely special. Sinatra plays a mean drunk."

Please tell me the ending.

Samantha marries ex hubby Bing Crosby. No big final number though, a disappointment.

Other comments

Not as good as White Christmas.

Date of review

January 8th 2010

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