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The Fast and the Furious
Short plot summary

Blond police officer infiltrates truck hijacking underworld operation, its leader is a champion street car racer.

What our panel of critics thought

"Big chested baddie, against lesser big chested police officer who falls for his sister. Honey, been there done it, bought the T-shirt, played the erotic sex game, watched the video of that, wiped it over with Sex and the City!"

"A veritable smorgasbord of car riding naughtiness. How dare they hold up a street in downtown Hollywood, stopping commerce and free flowing traffic just for the hell of it? The punks!"

"The plot doesn't make much sense, it's like someone in the studio had an idea and then gave someone $38mn to run with it. Some good CGI, but the plot makes no sense really. It's the testosterone and the cars that propels this movie."

"When I was 15 I would have loved this movie."

"Vin Diesel excels in the tough guy, deep voiced muscled way only a guy who looks like a street fighter can do. Some more flowers would have added a certain lacking feminine side."

"The sequence where they run and just miss the train? It reminded me horribly of my last trip to LA when I got lost in that exact spot. I went round in circles for ages looking for the Freeway. (Hope the road works have finished by now, guys.) Never saw a train going that fast either when I was there come to think of it, must have been there on a slow day."

"Tough guy / ruff guy heaven. The chicks are not too bad either. Shame about the tuna sandwiches which could use some work."

Please tell me the ending or whole plot if necessary

Blond pretty-boy tough-guy Hollywood-type police officer (Brian - Paul Walker) falls for shaved-head thug-type bruise-assured champion street car racer's (Dominic - Vin Diesel) sister.

Dominic fails to realize Brian is a police officer, despite a best friend noisily suspecting this all along.

One night, after a street car race is stopped, Dominic is almost arrested by police, but is rescued by Brian, and thus a friendship begins.

Movie follows the lives of street car racers, with lots of expensive looking CGI effects.

Movie ends with Brian (who reveals his identity so that he can call for medical assistance) allowing Dominic to escape to Mexico after an attempted truck hijacking goes wrong.

Quotable quotes (real)

"I live my life quarter of a mile at a time."

Motor cycle : Crotch rocket

Other comments

The movie seems to have been created on the fly, which may explain the flaws in the plot.

The plot is nothing but workmanlike, but the CGI is very good in places, and the weather fine.

Date of review

February 20, 2002

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