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Every Which Way But Loose
Short plot summary

Loner trucker (Clint Eastwood) (who loves the ladies) gets into some scrapes with his 'partner', an Orangutan.

Trucker bare-knuckle fights to make money, and sometimes to settle bar room scores about peanuts.

Eastwood goes defiantly down market.

12+. Comic 'count the inches of air between his fist and his chin' violence, moments of hairy, naked orangutans with, thankfully, discrete private parts.
What our panel of critics thought

"At the time of its release Clint Eastwood was given much stick for dumbing down like this. It is time we started the assault all over again!"

"A live action comic strip flick."

"A nicely chiseled Clint who never had a particularly attractive upper body, but he always managed to give the impression he could kick ass efficiently and to budget."

"One of those movies which has that ever-present danger that someone is about to start singing 'tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree'. The movie is nothing if not twangy."

"A country and western heaven. Everything, including a guest appearance from Charlie Rich."

Please tell me the ending
The Eastwood character wins last fight. In a sub plot, an old woman gets her drivers license.
Other comments

Is very much a lesser Clint Eastwood movie, although in its time very popular.

Did this lead on to BJ and the Bear? Certainly has the comic character 'baddy' feel of Dukes of Hazzard too.

Date of this review

October 29 , 2002

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