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Dazed and Confused
Short plot summary

Last day of High School, seniors picking on Freshers, drinking beer smoking pot driving cars seeing girls. A feel good movie.

What our panel of critics thought

"Back to those long hot summer days of 1976. Oh me oh my. Parties at parents house. Kegs of beer being delivered out front. Those long hangovers the next day. Vomiting all over the dog. Those were the days."

"There's nothing like good psychological torture followed by bat on butt torture of 11 year olds to make an old cynical hack happy."

"Back to a world where coach is once again the most important person in your life. Oh to be a jock at High School again."

"Attitude adjustment schmuchment."

"Why 1976?"

"A pleasant flick. A movie in which one can check out the brain and know everything will turn out OK, or, if not OK, not tragically not OK."

"Busting 11 year olds by smacking their asses with a bat. Those were the good old days, before those mutts had rights and sued for abuse."

"A young Ben Affleck before anyone thought he could play the romantic lead. He busts ass. Then a tin of paint falls on his head - bested by 11 year olds, the ass smacking is no more."

"A veritable cornucopia of flipping of beer bottle caps. Magnificent control and yet is this a metaphor of how swiftly time slips through ones fingers, down ones arms and stains ones shirt so that one has to throw it out like the rest of ones early life?... What happened to the beer mat flipping? I was quite good at that."

Other comments

Oh to go back to High School, it would be cool...?

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