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Short plot summary

Carrie White (Sissy Spacek) is a sorry assed, tremblingly abused, girl who is asked to her High School Prom by a blond frizzy haired Jock of Jocks as a joke. (The movie starts with school mates shouting insults while she screams for help during a panic attack over a bloody period in the shower... No, folks, the movie never gets much more cheerful than this...)

A kindly teacher comes to Carrie's defence, however Carrie is sent home by the school for the day to recover, trouble is, waiting for her at home is a Mommy Dearest Jesus Freak Type, who tells Carrie she is of the devil spawn...

What our abusers don't know is that our hero has a trick or two up her bloody wrist... He He He...

Uck Rating: Buckets of pigs blood, hands grabbing arms out of graves, looking mad when partially covered in blood, fire, explosions, general spitefulness.
What our panel of critics thought

"Blood, bloody bloodness, reddish red lighting... Not one for the colour blind. However, speaking as a part time Vampire, it looks absolutely delicious!"

"It's pretty much a Stephen King blood fest from shower room scene at the start to blood plonking down on her head from above later. But don't worry kids, her special powers come to the rescue in an orangy ball of flame and knife throwing hand grabby climax!"

"It is so nice when the pathetic, whiny, useless, pale, shaky, underdog manages to kick ass with such aplomb!"

"A totally depressing movie with a sort of niceish ending."

"Not a feel good movie, more of a long drawn out howling torment movie. Take really crunchy snacks for the gruesome scenes."

Please tell me the ending or whole plot if necessary

Carrie (Sissy Spacek) is a poor little thing. Persecuted by her school 'mates' when she has a period in the shower, persecuted by her mother who is an extremist preacher type... It doesn't look very good for her...

Then it becomes apparent that our gal has special powers. She can move things with her mind... Firstly ashtrays, then doors, then fire hoses, and then she can make cars swerve to avoid her.

Her bitchey school mates trick her to the Prom with a view to humiliate her by pouring a bucket of pig's blood on her head after she wins most attractive couple with her set-up boyfriend.

Our hero goes into a murderous trance and obliterates them all, even the nice teacher who tried to stop the incident. In fact everyone seems to have died by the end credits, apart from the girl who caused it all in the first place. We presume Carrie dies when the house collapses in on her after her mother is attacked by flying knives, whisks and other kitchen utensil debris...

The bitch-girl who caused all the trouble in the first place, survives. She takes flowers to a grave at the end and a hand grabs hers in just the way you don't expect it (sorry you'll be expecting it now). You'll scream until the neighbours complain!

Other comments

A totally depressing movie. Full of bad vibes. Everyone is horrible to Carrie and then she gets her own back in a bloody orange ball of flame finale.

A feel bad movie: scary, and yet, frustrating, at the same time. Not recommended for people who don't like blood. The first time an in-shower period ever featured in a mainstream movie to our knowledge (even Sex and the City never did one of them). Not one for the squeamish.

Date reviewed

January 20 , 2002

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