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Short plot summary

Wesley Snipes plays a vampire who controls his urges by garlic injection. He polices the vampire world, killing the baddies (including, eventually, upwardly mobile new baddy played by Stephen Dorff).

What our panel of critics thought

"A triumph of vampire killing vampire. I hope humankind is worth it!"

"Why does he do it?"

"Thank goodness that nice Mr Kristofferson does not burst into his sweet song. It wouldn't have been clever, and could have ruined a perfectly good horrorfest."

"Unfortunately, I have a needle aversion. I immediately go into a coma when I see one being put into a person. So I lasted about 15 minutes into this movie. How did it end?"

"Wesley, smile dear boy, smile! Life is pretty and sweet, dear boy! And if the wind changes your face will be stuck like that!"

"But I love garlic. I simply can't abide a movie that hates this herb so!"

"An anti-garlic travesty of a movie."

Please tell me the ending or whole plot if necessary
Blade saves the world from the evil vampires.
Other comments

A popular vampire action movie, but with little warmth. Superb special effects.

Date of review

April 30, 2002

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