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Assault on Precinct 13
Short plot summary

A gang of hoodlums are out to make trouble. They kill a little girl who has just bought an ice cream (she's returning it as the ice cream seller gave her the wrong kind of vanilla something) they also kill the ice cream seller.

The Dad of the little girl is told of a gun in the front of the ice cream van with a dying-nod from the ice cream seller, he takes it and chases after the only car driving down the road at the time. Eventually it becomes dark, he luckily kills the guy who killed his daughter then unluckily runs into a deserted police station to report the incident.

The gang of hoodlums surround the police station which is in the process of being shut down. Only a black cop, a couple of women and some prisoners with their guards (moved to the station on the day) are there. The gang pick off characters inside the station by shooting with silencers a number of windows and make attempts to storm it.

Austin Stoker, Darwin Joston and Laurie Zimmer.
What our panel of critics thought (Continued)

"This movie is a gift for parody writers..."

"This movie is Police Squad without Frank Drebin."

"Is this movie supposed to be funny?"

"1976 trash for people who don't like cowboys."

"A cowboy type movie without the hats but peppered with a special dumbness."

"The music at the start reminded me of the bit in Blazing Saddles where Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra go by in a bus... That deep thumping music, you really do expect some guy with a ghetto blaster to come by at any moment, or a car with a loud stereo to drive by..."

Please tell me the ending or plot details if necessary

Eventually backup arrives and they enter the police station to rescue what's left of our bloodied heroes.

Other comments

A terribly dated movie. Unsophisticated compared to equivalent movies today.

A must see for Police Squad fans and Mel Brooks fans too. Parody is just so easy with movies like this...

Date of review

June 25 , 2002

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