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American Psycho
Short plot summary

Patrick Bateman (played by Christian Bale) is an apparently successful vice president. However he is CraYZeE!

He lures friends and women to their deaths in deranged axe and clothes hanger fest.


Restricted to adults only. Contains moments of face mask peel horror, ab crunch torture - and that's just his daily beautifying procedure. Girlfriend in bag horror warning throughout. Huey Lewis and the News alert. Some of the axe scenes may offend at times.

What our panel of critics thought

"Nice moments of upper body male nudity and some of the best men's cosmetics purchasable, I am sure, however a missed marketing opportunity for the axe manufacturer - are they trying to promote their brand or not?"

"And he gets away with it in the end too. A bloody triumph!"

"I loved to dance to Huey Lewis and the News, but no more! If I were to hear 'Hip To Be Square' just once more my teddy bear collection could be massacred!"

"Delightfully psychotic! A triumph!"

"So, that's what it takes to become a vice President, no wonder I never got any higher than assistant cleaner."

"Nice nipples, shame about the knees."

"Painfully un hairy."

"It's a New York chainsaw massacre!"

Please tell me the ending.

Donald Kimball (William Dafoe), investigating the case, seems to be close to getting Bateman, but is he just luckily dropping hints? Sort of a Columbo thing going on here, possibly, but no epilogue or suspects lined up by the swimming pool.

Our anti-hero confesses to his lawyer as he is becoming increasingly deranged, but, due to a case of mistaken identity, the confession is seen as a joke. The guy, Paul Allen, who Bateman has killed, was apparently seen by Bateman's lawyer after the murder...

It seems that our anti-hero escapes in the end to slice/saw/chew/axe another day, however his secretary has found the diary in which he has drawn incriminating pictures...

Other comments

If you like this kind of understated gorefest then it's fine. Whilst no giblets are on show, there is plenty of blood, and stuffed bags with bodies in them.

It is well acted, and satirical. Is his name (Bateman) a tribute to our evil favorite Norman Bates in Psycho? I think we should be told...

Date of review

June 9, 2003

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