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007 James Bond - Moonraker
Opening Sequence

On a small passenger plane, Bond punches man in sunglasses, throws him out of plane, then gets thrown out of plane without a parachute...

Bond catches up with the guy thrown out before him, gets his parachute, then Jaws (from previous movie The Spy Who Loved Me) comes to attack in similar way. But Jaws fails to get Bond's parachute and falls into circus big top which then collapses...

Short plot summary

A space shuttle, on loan from NASA, goes missing in California desert. Bond goes to Drax Corporation to investigate.

Cuts to Venice - Bond finds the words 'Venn Glass' on piece of paper so he goes into Venini Glass. Bond finds a laboratory which is dealing with lethal gases, but, when Bond takes his bosses to show them, everything has gone and Drax is there to greet them. Eeeek.

Cut to Rio. Drax is freighting stuff out of there - cue cable car fight with Jaws.

Bond and his accomplice (Holly Goodhead - (Yea baby, yea!)) are caught and are put in the flamey path of the Space Shuttle rockets - The Space Shuttle blasts off into space, driven by Drax, but our heroes have escaped in time.... Cut to them chasing in another space shuttle going to space station...!

Please tell me the ending.

Drax is trying to build a master race in space. Our heroes stop him. Jaws now happy with girlfriend, helps them escape in another Space Shuttle...

What our panel of critics thought

"This movie was awful. I had to get my TV set cleaned for grease after watching it."

"Rarely has a bad-guy wearing sunglasses been better bested by a British secret service agent on the big screen, and yet his sunglasses did not break. A triumph of sunglass-jujitsu."

"Now, had I got a piece of paper with Venn glass on I would not bother going into Venini Glass as they are spelt differently (I certainly wouldn't have gone to Venice to go to the shop) is this why I am not a secret service agent?"

"Another boat chase, this time in Venice. Sigh..."

"By far the most unlikely Bond for a while. A series of spectacular fights and altercations, none of which make much sense if you think about it."

"So, that's what a President's Suite looks like... Tell me, do Motel 6 do one of those? I'd like to try it on my modest budget at least once before I die.

Super Greasey Quotable quotes (real)
Shop assistant: "Could I interest you in something?"
Bond: "I'm tempted to say yes immediately, but I had better look around."
Other comments

One of the worst Bond movies. A truly irritating, greasy, Bond, and a story which does not make any sense (where did they get that other Space Shuttle from to go chase Drax)? One to avoid.

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