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007 James Bond: The Man with the Golden Gun
Opening Sequence

The man with the golden gun is forced to kill an assassin hired to kill him in a Cato (Pink Panther) type way - his assistant (Tattoo off Fantasy Island) arranges it.

Scaramanga, the man with the golden gun, saves his own life and then shoots a life-size effigy of James Bond - he shoots Bond's fingers off in a moment of plaster exploding madness...

Short plot summary

The dumb Southern sheriff (J W Pepper - Clifton James) from Live and Let Die, returns for a very short incident to help Bond seek out Scaramanga (Christopher Lee). Bond doesn't know what Scaramanga looks like but knows he is trying to kill him.

Scaramanga lives with fit looking babes and a dwarf who is the one from Fantasy Island.

But Scaramanga is not only an assassin now, he has built a massive super gun on this island, with which he is planning to terrorize the world...

What our panel of critics thought (Continued)

"All in all a disappointing Bond, although we do get to see what Mr Moore looks like with three nipples."

"This is all very confusedly Asian. What are Sumo's doing in Hong Kong (they are Japanese). And then there is the obligatory Thai kick boxing which was the first time probably most of us in the West had seen such delightful shin thuggery! Bravisimo!"

"Sheriff 'Jay Dubya' Pepper returns in all of his dribble filled perfection. Well done boy!"

"The man with golden gun has created a massive intercontinental golden gun which is set to destroy anything it is aimed at. I do like to see the man has thought about all of the administration this kind of terrorism requires. Although we never see it, I feel certain he must have had a fully staffed back office, on top of the underground reservoir filled with water which always seemed doomed to explode dramatically at the end."

"Goodnight, the Bond babe, needlessly uses her bottom towards the end of this epic to en-flap our unflappable hero. She backs into a lever which opens up a door, then flips about pretending to not realize what her exquisite bottom has just done! Is this one of the most stupid women in movies at the time, or is she so keen to see her butt 12 feet tall on the big screen she didn't care? Get me her agent at once!"

"Oh, Miss Moneypenny, you make my heart sing, wild thing!"

Please tell me the ending.

A duel between Bond and Scaramanga is foiled when Scaramanga disappears. But Bond follows him into a darkened room with mirrors and manages to shoot him to dramatic music.

James Bond sails off with Goodnight (Britt Ekland) at the end, on a classic old Asian type boat (to China?). Shorty Nick Nack, follows Bond, attempts to kill him, but, in the fight, Bond locks him in a suit case.

Quotable quotes (real)

"There's a useful four letter word, and you're full of it."

Other comments

Not as good as Live and Let Die. The movie clearly shows the birth of Fantasy Island which will serve as Herve Villechaize's vehicle later.

Date of review

July 3 , 2002

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