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007 James Bond - Live And Let Die
Opening Sequence

UN, New York - UK delegate killed by high pitched noise in his translation ear piece.

Cuts to New Orleans, Olympia Brass Band - funeral dirge. Man in hat asks "Whose funeral is it?" Answer: "Yours" - he is then knifed in the side. Then the dirge turns into happy 'gay pride' type march without the overt homosexuality, although there's some pretty dodgy dancing.

Cuts to San Monique - man being tortured by Black Magic snake.

Short plot summary

In this one, Bond foils the baddies despite a dumb sheriff, motor boat chases, and crocodiles - in a classic running over them like stepping stones to safety stunt.

Bond goes to investigate the murder of a US agent in New Orleans and comes across a sophisticated setup which includes tables in pubs which swivel round and go into the ground to secret rooms.

What our panel of critics thought

"Had he not sat in that seat which swiveled around to introduce him to the lovely tarot reader in the first place, the whole movie might have been three hours longer. A plot point joy."

"Mr Bond, you must pack a mighty wallop with that kick of yours, it didn't look as if it landed to me but the baddy flew into the air with such gusto. Bravisimo!"

"There is a moment of hang-gliding madness in which it is clear that Mr Moore is simply standing on something with a hang-gliding wings over his shoulders. However, the stunt man who eventually kicks the baddy over the cliff looked pretty good."

"Once the Saint, now Mr Bond, is there no end to this man's acting ability?"

"It was that time in movie history when you had to trash police cars all the while in blazing sunshine. I remember it well. Thankfully, the Dukes of Hazzard eventually killed the whole idea off, but not before lots of innocent looking young frisky-type people cavorted about in skimpy shorts. Pervisimo!"

"A difficult movie to dislike as its boat chase-ending is so spectacular, however I almost gave up during the New York bar moments which seemed slightly mightily improbable."

Please tell me the ending.

The guy with the metal hand fails to kill our hero... Bond last seen getting on a train with the tarot reading woman (Jane Seymour).

Quotable quotes (real)

"I'd rather not go off halfcocked."

Other comments

The speed boat, road chases and physical side of Bond is very entertaining. An enjoyable romp if a little silly in places.

Date of review

June 28 , 2002

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