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007 James Bond - The Living Daylights
Opening Sequence

Army training exercise overtaken by people with real ammo.

James Bond (Timothy Dalton) plummets off cliff in Range Rover whilst fighting an extra - 007 jumps out with parachute.

Lands on yacht with woman talking: 'If only I could find a real man' she says - Bond takes the phone she is talking into, makes a call 'I'll be there in an hour.' Woman offers glass of bubbly - 'make that two'.

Short plot summary

Marksman (Maryam d'Abo) - is a cello player, told to kill Koskov before he defects. Bond stops her. Koskov moved over onto 'our' side via gas pipeline in security coup.

However, a milkman steals him back from a high security compound. This milkman, with the giveaway swimmers physique, is the tough guy who is killing British Secret Service agents and then leaves the message smiert spionom. Bond goes to investigate.

He meets up with the cellist again but just misses the swimmers physique who killed another agent under Bond's nose in Vienna.

Bond goes to Tangiers to follow up a gun running investigation, he and the cellist are kidnapped. They are taken to prison. They use a secret agent key-ring to get out of prison, free Art Malik's character who is leader of Afghani tribe.

Bond tries to blow up drugs but ends up in a plane fighting the baddies. Throws bomb from plane in exactly right time to blow up bridge which goes down well with Afghani tribesmen. Bond manages to stop the plane from crashing. Kills gun runner. Gets everyone else arrested.

What our panel of critics thought

"This was the first movie after Roger Moore hung up his 007 boots. How delightful to see someone under 50 years of age cavorting like our hero, without that smirk which could pop Champaign corks all on its own! Well done Mr Dalton, I will not ask for my money back!"

"A new Miss Moneypenny! A triumph of character regeneration."

"A deliciously milky Murder by Walkman. My, the leads must have been strong."

"Fois Gras this mate!"

"Oi, I think I can see the security lapse there - never let a milkman deliver the milk to a secure establishment, or he can blow everyone away! Do I get a prize?"

Please tell me the ending or plot overview if necessary

Bond and cellist have sex in an expensive looking hotel after she plays in a concert.

Quotable quotes (real)

"The brand of the Champaign looked suspect, so I took the liberty to get another."

Other comments

Frustratingly, all of the expensive ingredients are there but it just doesn't excel.

A middling Bond movie, but not one to avoid by any means.

Date of review

June 19 , 2002

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