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007 James Bond - Goldfinger
Opening Sequence

James Bond (Sean Connery), wearing a wet suit, breaks in to a building. He removes his wet suit and has a white dinner jacket suit underneath. He plants a time bomb and then goes to trendy bar.

Bond goes to an apartment to find a woman in the bath. She gets out, Bond kisses her hard. Bond is attacked by a man in a gray suit. Bond throws him into filled bath and throws in an electric fan which electrocutes him...

Short plot summary

Auric Goldfinger (played by Gert Fröbe) is a mad'n'bad guy who loves gold. His main plan is to make all of Fort Knox's gold reserves radioactive in an attempt to destabilize the world economy (yes, folks, these are the days of the gold standard).

Goldfinger's sidekick, and general hard nut, Oddjob (Harold Sakata) has a cast iron hat used to behead statues.

Bond is gadgetted up with Astin Martin DB5 with modifications which include an ejector seat, the ability to spray oil on the road, machine gun fire and smoke bombs... All needed to cope with the main threat Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman), a 1960's 'independent woman' who is eventually won over by a sexy hairy chested 1960's man.

What our panel of critics thought

"Mr OddJob is short and solid but this is no disability to him kicking some ass in the figurative sense, although in actuality his leg could only get as high as most men's shins."

"Geneva just a honk and a pip away and our hero never misses a chance to chat up the ladies... aaah those were the days!"

"I had a car like that once, or at least it made that beeping noise behind the dash board, never had a radar in it though."

"Male chauvinism has never been bettered in a motion picture."

"There is a fine line between cool sexual banter and smarmy letchy yuckiness. Thankfully our Bond pings from extreme to extreme without so much as a comb of his thick creamy-lush hair (toupee boy!)"

Please tell me the ending or plot overview if necessary

Goldfinger is sucked out of an airplane after firing a gun in an attempt to kill our boy Bond. Luckily, our girl, Pussy Galore, is flying the plane at the time and manages to keep control of the decompressed vehicle long enough for her and Bond to jump out with a parachute.

Quotable quotes (real)

"There are some things that just aren't done, such as drinking Dom Perignon '53 below the temperature of 38 degrees. It's almost as bad as listening to the Beatles without ear muffs."

"Aaaarr. Aaarrrr!" - OddJob.

JB: "Do you expect me to talk?" GF: "No, Mr Bond, I expect you to die!"

Other comments

Named by a number of people as the best Bond movie.

Date of review

July 17 , 2002

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