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007 James Bond - Die Another Day
Opening Sequence

James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) is captured but has already put C4 explosives under a tray of diamonds which have been handed over to the baddies... However, embarrassingly, our hero is one of the first good guys to be caught by 3G... damn! Yes folks, Bond's face and credentials are sent to the bad guy's just at the worst time for our hero... and the shooting starts.

After furious running, hovercraft racing and machine gun strafing our be-dimpled Irishman, playing our English hero, is caught again.

Before the credits roll, our hero is playing dunk for apples but without the apples and with the baddies pushing down hard.

Short plot summary

When Bond is captured by the North Koreans he is traded for a bad guy (Zao - Rick Yune) who Bond is then sent back to catch... M (Judi Dench) is pissed with Bond, she is her under pressure to sort out the situation by Damian Falco (Michael Madsen), an American.

Halle Berry plays Jinx, a feisty American (NSA) who appears to be out to kill Bond at times. But don't fear fans: after giving her the kiss of life, Bond starts her breathing again, only for Bond to get his own back by nearly suffocating her again with a big passionate kiss.

Please tell me the ending.

Bad girl Miranda Frost (Rosamund Pike) loses a cat fight with Jinx (Oscar winning actress Halle Berry) and diamond face Zao (Rick Yune) and everything explodes before the end.

Asian Zao has a face change to become European Zao in yet another triumph of preventing more Asian faces on the big screen in Hollywood. But his plan is foiled somehow or other...

Bond wins in the end, getting his way with Jinx in Asialand as the end credits roll.

What our panel of critics thought
"Pierce Brosnan has been an exemplary Bond, he is now our favorite. But is his time almost up? Hugh Jackman, come on down babe, it's time we had another Australian Bond, Lazenby only lasted one movie."

"A superb example of 'flippy-up arms' whilst running, from our Mr Bond. It looks at times like he is trying to box a small mammal on both his shoulders. What's that all about then? Has he been CGi'd in?"

"So, when does an homage become a revised repeat?"

"This movie is peppered with homages, we are told in the DVD, but isn't this just a nice n'easy way of repeating the best bits of earlier movies? But thankfully there are no flash back moments with a wobbly screen and harps."

Other comments

Number 20 in the Bond series. Pierce Brosnan is now firmly our favorite Bond, but there are rumors that this is his last one... Is this a contract renegotiation ploy, or is it really his last?

Who will replace him in the inevitable next movie?

What do you think?
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