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Real lists, spoof reviews... Top 100's from the AFI, BFI and Academy Awards with links to the funniest movie reviews on the internet...
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Walk with us down our road of all new movie discovery, as we seek out a more satisfying movietertainment experience. This service is brought to you by theVoice the home of world comedy truth entertainment.

Our all comedy Classic Movie Watch helps you decide which classic movies to bother with, and those to avoid, in our unique, patently pending, spoofy type way.

You can now leave what to think about those movie greats to us, simply cut and paste our views into your conversations with friends or radio stations.

Calling on our skills for neatness, we helpfully guide you how best to sit while watching the movie (Did you know that in The Exorcist it is best to not sit on your bottom? We explain why). NO OTHER MOVIE GUIDE STILL IN PRINT OFFERS THIS AWESOME SERVICE.

We report what our hand picked panel of critics said about these movies.

We even helpfully tell you how the movie ends so you can avoid the inconvenience of having to actually sit through it...

Updated regularly.

Our Popcorn strand is for those movies that we do not consider to be classics, but are not totally without merit.

Our third strand is exclusively for comedy movies.

Please tell a friend about us, and keep coming back!

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