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The Wicker Man
Short plot summary

Edward Woodward plays Sergeant Neil Howie, a police officer, sent to a remote west coast Scottish island to investigate the disappearance of a 12 year old girl, Rowan Morrison. He arrives to find hostility to his Christian values, and, strangely, ya har har harrrr, a mother who doesn't seem to have noticed her daughter's disappearance...

The island is run by Lord Summerisle (Christopher Lee) a man who likes to cavort, sing, dance and wear kilts). And then the locals all start dressing up in animal face masks to eerie effect...

What our panel of critics thought
"One of those rare folk music horror movies. It makes you want to put a hand to the ear and grow a beard to soup-mopping length."

"Bravisimo! A deeply symbolic movie with the authority figure, the policeman/Church, being thwarted by locals burning the old fool to a cinder in the Wicker Man kindling of non conformity."

Please tell me the ending or plot overview if necessary

We discover that the missing girl, Rowan Morrison, was hidden by the locals to get the policeman to the island...

So, our Christian fundamentalist policeman hero is pretty much trapped.

He is taken and put in a large wicker man (like one of the giants on Easter Island but with a Scottish chin, and made out of wicker) which is then set alight as a sacrifice to the Gods (of apples?) in a brilliantly (luckily?) filmed sunset ending.

Dr Bravisimo-Encore II Movie Review

On its release they attempted to bury this movie and, in fact, the directors cut, which we saw, was made out of the only (?) full version of the movie which had, by chance, not been destroyed by an American distributor.

The movie seems to have acquired that weird kind of cult attention that some originally-believed-to-be-awful movies get. As if an awful movie can mature with age.

The movie seems to have been made as a musical and then they forgot about the music later on. It is eerie however. The ending, too, is particularly original, but I was more scared by the locals in animal masks...

It was originally released as a B movie at a time when cinema goers got two movies.

Other comments

Recently (October 2003) voted into the top 20 scariest moments in a British survey (Channel 4).

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