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Wall Street
Short plot summary

Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) uses Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) as part of his illegal, unscrupulous, trading activities popular in 1980's stock bull run.

Please tell me the ending or plot overview if necessary
Bud Fox gets sent to jail for fraud, but not before setting up Gekko.
What our panel of critics thought

"So, was Sun Tso a stock broker then?"

"Arbitrage shmarbitrage!"

"How about a remake, Mr Stone: Gekko after the dot com boom and bust... I must see Gordon Gekko on dressed down Friday..."

"At least nobody wore any Miami Vice jackets."

"Now that's what I call a bad day at the office - escorted out, crying, in handcuffs..."

Dr Bravisimo-Encore II Movie Review

Oh! What a breath of fresh hair this movie was at the time! Styles drowned in gel, swished back styles coupled with big fat red braces to hold ones trousers from crashing, all of a sudden, towards ones ankles! The likes the world had never seen to then, and were not to see again lest people pointed and laughed.

How it so encapsulates all the unwanton greed of the laxly regulated early 1980's stock market which led to what we all thought at the time was THE crash of 1987.

The poignant essence of the masterpiece is essentially how greed corrupts a common working boy who suppresses conscience until it bursts up in an indignant volcano of vitriol.

It rang all the right opening bells in the 80's. Today the movie is a wonderful time-freeze of a period which held out so much hope for the super greedy amongst us (I can still get five donuts in my mouth at the same time - I've just checked) but nothing good came out of it.

In fact, looking back, the only good thing about the 1980's was that they were better than the 1970's, and that we had then discovered the Village People. A triumph!

Quotable quotes
"This is your wake up call pal - go to work."
"I am not a destroyer of companies - I am a liberator of them."
Other comments

One of the best movies on 1980's bull market greed. A persuasive indictment of greed at the heart of the financial markets at the time.

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