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Toy Story
Short plot summary

Toy cowboy, Woody, competes with toy spaceman, Buzz LightYear, for affection of 10 year old boy/owner Andy.

What our panel of critics thought
"A veritable cornucopia of toys from ones youth coming back to haunt the 'little people'. One never had Operation, or played Mouse Trap oneself, but all these and more exist side by side in a complex interwoven tapestry of youthful merchandiseal memory. Anyone fancy a game of Operation? - I've just put in some extra strong batteries."

"Spiteful, nasty, covered in spittal. Just like my childhood, perfect."

"When Toy Story first came out, it took three hours to start the screen saver on my computer. A joy, a wonder, thank heavens my computer was upgraded soon after so I could do some work again."

"I wonder if, in fifty years time, we will remember this movie. Will it, one day, look like one of those early Laurel and Hardy masterpieces? or possibly like that industrial movie of life down the mines? You can never tell."

"I do hope children, or drug takers, do not think they can fly after watching this movie. If you are reading this mid-flight: Just cling on and try to fall on the bed!"

Please tell me the ending

Comedic study in loyalty and comradeship in competitive capitalist environment.

Ends with Buzz and Woody as friends after bonding through adventure.

Quotable quotes (real)

"That wasn't flying, that was falling with style."

"To infinity and beyond."

"Reach for the stars."

Woody: "You are a Toy. You are a child's play thing." Buzz LightYear: "You are a sad, strange little man."

Other comments

A truly superb, but not super-schmaltzy, movie. High in many movie top fifties.

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