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The Omen
Short plot summary

Nuns give baby, Damien, to soon to be US ambassador to the UK. As Damien nears his fifth birthday it is becoming clear that big black dogs have taken a shine to him, and nursery nanny's like nothing better than to show off by hang-throwing themselves to their deaths for his amusement.

But apart from that, and a photographer who sees lightening sticking into a priest, and his mother being thrown to her death by Damien's nanny into an ambulance, and police shooting the father who is about to stab Damien in the heart to save the world, it all ends happily ever after.

What our panel of critics thought

"All the horror-camp-kitch you can imagine, apart from the Elvis impersonator."

"Is this based on a true story?"

"I have all the time in the world for that lovely Gregory Peck. It's such a shame he didn't make it to the sequel."

"I have never ridden my tricycle with such gusto since!"

"I remember, during my childhood, my friend and I once crayoned 666 behind each other's ears and told everyone we were the devil. Oh such fun, although we recanted with vigor once those silver daggers came out!"

"Not since Mary Poppins, has the big screen seen such a punchy nanny. Bravisimo! And thankfully none of the supercallerfragilistick nonsense, although Lee Remick really could have put up a better fight had she been given an umbrella me thinks."

Please try to tell me the ending
Trying to murder the pesky brat with specially holified devil stabbing knives, our would be hero, the US Ambassador to the UK, played by Gregory Peck, is shot by the police who miss the point of what he is up to. Typical. The devil is allowed to live on in human form.
Dr Bravisimo-Encore II Movie Review

This movie presents to us a viciously deviltastic endeavor with all of the wit and whim the devil in a five year old's embodiment can suggest. A formerly consummate scarefest, however today the movie has suffered from the parodyests fate - its scariness has been worn down by humor so much so that today it is only moderately scary on the movie toaster scale: today it is only a number 3 movie toast, when in its day it was a full number 7.

The movie gamely attempts to scare everyone witless, using every technique in the book, and, yes, this movie also includes that timeless reference to Quasimodo (they even dared to include the bell, which dongs in the most scary place possible!) This bit is beyond parody it is so funny.

The movie has a delightfully Sunday (or fake sick day) morning feel to it. Some of it is still genuinely creepy, if a little over aught. All the marketing was thought through though, and we look forward to the next two movies with lessening anticipation... (See also The Omen2)

Quotable quotes (real)

"On this night, God has given you a son, Mr Thorne..."

"We haven't much time... you must listen to what I have to say."

Other comments

The movie has dated and it's a little kitchy in places, especially the music which is a little too electronic and wobbly at times, although the choir based music makes up for much with its enthusiasm.

Try not to watch this movie on your own as going to sleep afterwards will be pointless. But if you must, keep the lights on and put a religeous friend on speed dial. Never recommend this movie to elderly relatives unless you are trying to kill them.

Date of review

April 7, 2003

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