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The Exorcist
Short plot summary

12 year old girl gets possessed by devil, mayhem ensues.

What our panel of critics thought



"Too much vomit."

"Not enough vomit."

"Not since late 1960's has so much vomit been on display"

"Unfortunately the devil did not die choking on his vomit. This would have been good emblematic ending to 1960's debauchery."

"Truly scary!"

"Don't sit watching this where anyone can come up from behind to grab you, you could have a heart attack."

"It made me deaf in one ear."

"How can a 12 year old say these words? Will have to spend the rest of her life washing her mouth out."

"I lost my voice screaming at this movie. A joy."

Please tell me the ending

Irish boxer-priest, as part of the exorcism, makes devil leave girl and into himself. He then bounces unsuccessfully from window down a large flight of hard steps to his demise.

Everyone else lives happily ever after following thorough cleaning of the bedroom.

Other comments

Was widely banned on its theatrical release, perhaps understandably so.

Viewers with heart conditions should consult their doctor before attempting to watch this movie.

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