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Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds
Short plot summary

San Francisco: Mitch Brenner (Rod Taylor) enters a bird shop to buy caged birds for his sister's birthday. Here he meets Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren) (a famous socialite) who he fancies the socks off. He orders Love Birds for his sister.

Even though she does not work for the bird shop, Melanie delivers them to his flat, only to find that he has gone off for the weekend. She drives them up to his house in Bodega Bay.

Please spoil this movie for me by telling me all the good bits and then the ending.

Nothing more is then heard of Melanie's caged birds, however, the local uncaged birds take an instant dislike to our fur coated glamourpus...

In the first horrifying scene, the birds fly like locusts down the chimney into the Brenner's lounge. In another scene they attack a birthday party. On going to see her teacher-friend-guest house owner, birds sit on the climbing frames. They attack the school kids.

One of the mothers accuses Melanie of being evil and the cause of the bird attacks. In one last attack at the Brenner house, the birds get in, Melanie goes to a top room and is viciously attacked by the birds. However, they save her eyes, and our human heroes all leave the house with the birds sitting and watching...

Other comments

Is this a classic or not? It is certainly memorable, and a brilliant time piece.

If you picked this movie to pieces while you watched it, you might like High Anxiety, Mel Brook's brilliant satire of Hitchcock's styling.

Date of review
December 5 , 2002
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