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Star Wars: A New Hope
Short plot summary

Young man falls in love with sister, fights baddies and sees loner father's best friend killed by man wearing bulldog mask.

What our panel of critics thought

"The biggest grossing movie of all time." 1979.

"Formerly the biggest grossing movie of all time. " 1984.

"Now no longer in the top five grossing movies of all time." 2001.

"The grossest movie of all time."

"A fairy tale story told in the style of Star Trek but with a decent story, an underlying metaphor for life and no beaming up."

"'Let the force be with you' - the best ever empowerment phrase to come from a movie. The phrase has been adopted by management consultants around the world. Today there isn't a Fortune 500 company that does not use techniques introduced in Star Wars to make their corporate lives better. Great stuff"- Management Today

"A much better film for not bothering with that ass Yoda who unfortunately ruined the next film in the sextilogy for me.."

"Chewbacca is a revelation." Carpets Weekly.

"Harrison Ford was a carpenter before this. Thanks to some skillful career shifting he brings an authority to a role lesser actors would have failed to achieve when handling the wooden props. "

"Never to look younger than this, Ford's performance will shock younger viewers who know how crinkled he became in later movies."

Please tell me the ending
This episode ends with the destruction of a moon like baddie-made planet with all of the baddies on board apart from Darth Vader who sneaks off in a capsule. Nobody else of consequence dies, only C/D list actors.
Other comments

An all time great.

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